Food That Can Damage Your Teeth

Many people don’t know that a lot of the foods we eat on a daily basis can actually cause our teeth a lot of unnecessary turmoil. While it isn’t exactly necessary to completely avoid these foods, it would at least be a good idea to know what they are, to cut them down in your daily diet. If you are interested in a quicker option, try Gogosmile’s best teeth whitening kit. ┬áThere are several different types of teeth damaging food that can damage and discolor our beautiful teeth. You may not even be aware that these foods are harming your teeth every time you eat, unless you’ve already had some experience with the pain that this damage can cause. Here are some of them.


Foods that are Loaded with Sugar

Drinking sodas or eating sweets once in a while is not actually a problem, as long as it is only once in a while. The problem occurs when you start taking these sweets regularly, as the regular consumption of these sugary treats can affect not only your overall health, but that of your smile as well. Obviously, sweet foods are rich in sugar, corn syrup or other sweeteners, which are terrific energy sources to the bacteria that is always present in our mouths. These sugars can actually increase the activity of those bacteria, causing more plaque to form upon our teeth and gums. This plaque can cause greater issues with your teeth to occur, not the least of which being cavities and discoloration. Soda and acidic fruit juice, with or without sugar added, are the greatest culprits in tooth decay and discoloration.

Animal fats are saturated fats

These types of teeth damaging food raises thee cholesterol and then threaten to clog the blood vessels and due to this, they leads to the heart problems. Fish such as sardines, tuna, salmon and oils from the vegetables do not do this. Even though the margarine is the vegetable oil, it’s hydrogenated causing it to become saturated. Heart disease, obesity and some cancers can be avoided by switching off to the lean meat or the protein rich cereals which are like wheat and rice , pulses like the beans and the lentils, potatoes and nuts.

Foods that Dry Out Your Mouth

You may not know that maintaining a well hydrated mouth is essential in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but it’s true. A dry mouth is more susceptible to damage and decay. In order to prevent these conditions, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t have a dry, under-hydrated mouth.

Chewing gum and drinking alcohol can make your mouth dry, as can smoking cigarettes. There are also certain medications that can make the mouth dehydrated, which is of course bad for your teeth. What you can do here is to regularly rinse your mouth to keep it extra hydrated. You may also rinse it with fluoridated liquids for keeping your mouth hydrated and healthy. You should also see to it that you drink plenty of water throughout the day because, in addition to just being an overall healthy beverage, water helps to keep your mouth hydrated.

Most Popular Conference Venues in Melbourne

The Melbourne area has a wide selection of popular conference venues to choose from. There is something to please every expectation and taste. Some offer the opportunity to hold your reception in the same place, while others do not. The following are examples of some extremely popular wedding venues in Melbourne, which will make your special day an unforgettable experience.

The most popular conference venues in melbourne area have something to offer, for every taste and budget. If you are considering having your wedding and reception at the same venue, there are many places, providing this service. The following wedding venue guide details some of the most unforgettable places to get married in Melbourne.

The Brighton Savoy

The Brighton Savoy won the title of: “Best Hotel Wedding Reception Venue” last year. They specialize in ceremony and reception packages. The restaurant serves a variety of international dishes. From here, there are stunning views of the sea.

Bram Leigh

This wedding venue has the most beautiful, well-maintained grounds, spanning three acres. The picturesque garden setting provides the perfect backdrop for photographs. Ceremonies are held at the chapel, or in the garden. Most popular with brides and grooms are the tranquil, Waterfall location and the Gazebo settings. Last year, Bram Leigh won the title of: “Best Ceremony Venue.”

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge is located on the Mornington Peninsula in Rosebud. It has an impressive and elegant ballroom, which can entertain up to 120 guests. There is an extremely grand, marble foyer. Views outside can be seen from the bar and lounge areas. Here you can cast your eyes over the: enchanting lake, gazebo and golf course. Experts are available to assist in planning every aspect of your big day.


Potters is regarded by some as the “unique” of all wedding venues in Melbourne. The 6 acres of the fairytale, landscaped grounds were specially created to provide the perfect setting for photographs at any time of the year. You and your guests can spend time exploring after the ceremony. The Chapel is where most ceremonies are conducted. It is an idyllic place to get married with high ceilings and fabulous garden views.

3 Station Pier

For the most amazing sea views on your wedding day, 3 Station Pier is a superb choice. The venue offers a selection of different sized function rooms, depending on how many guests you have. They are experienced in catering for a variety of functions, as well offering wedding and reception packages.

Melbourne’s Most Unique Venues

As one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, Melbourne offers a unique international feel often lacking in other Australian cities, with vibrant ethnic enclaves offering delicious foods from all corners of the earth (and a particularly excellent Chinatown in the heart of the city).


But you don’t visit Melbourne just for great food, friendly people, and a warm, relaxing culture. In fact, this most welcoming of cities and unique venues Melbourne which offers lots of great attractions and activities for visitors. Here are just a few of them.


It’s no surprise that Melbourne boasts an impressive sporting arena. After all, Australia is one of the most fervently sport loving countries on earth. Even so, you’ll be surprised at the scale of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia’s largest and oldest sporting venue.


The MCG has been at the very center of Australian sport for many years, playing host to the first ever test match, the 1956 Olympic Games, and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, just to name a few high points. Today visitors can catch a game of cricket, rugby or even Australian rules football in this enormous 100,000 capacity stadium.


St Kilda

Just a couple of miles and a world away from the bustling center of Melbourne stands St. Kilda, the charming coastal suburb that feels like a village far from the city. Located at the southeast corner of Albert Park, St Kilda is famous for its delightful cake shops, vibrant nightlife, and offbeat bohemian charm. In the summer the beach makes for a great place to relax, and at the end of the breakwater protecting the harbor, you can even catch a glimpse of the colony of penguins that calls the suburb home!


The Great Ocean Road

If you can spare a few days during your trip, you should take the opportunity to head out to the Great Ocean Road, the 270km highway that reaches west from Melbourne along the Victoria coast.


The road was constructed shortly after the First World War as a memorial to the Australians lost in the conflict. 3,000 ex-servicemen took 14 years to construct the long, winding road, and today it offers visitors some of the most stunning and dramatic scenery in all of Australia.


From the vibrant, bustling heart of the city to its friendly, highly individual suburbs to the stunning scenery of the Victoria coast, Otway National Park and the mountains to the north, Melbourne has so much to offer it has to be seen to be believed. Visitors just can’t help but fall in love with this Australian gem.