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Should You Now File For Bankruptcy

The word “bankruptcy” scares us, and there are good reasons for that. We all have heard scary tales of huge businesses that went bankrupt. Newspapers and television channels often bombard us with such stories.

The fact is, bankruptcy is a good thing because when there is no way you can pay off your debts, declaring bankruptcy opens new doors of possibilities and you get a chance to start fresh. Your creditors will no longer bombard you with phone calls. You will have some peace of mind that you dearly need to start fresh.

Keep in mind that living in debt is neither embarrassing nor shameful. But when you find that there is no way you can pay off your debts, may be you should declare bankruptcy. Here are a few signs. If you find that you are dealing with most of these problems, may be you should apply for bankruptcy:

  • You use your credit cards to make only minimum payments
  • Bill collectors are calling you
  • Recently you have been considering debt consolidation
  • Sorting out your finances has become nearly impossible
  • You don’t know the exact amount of your debt

If you are dealing with at least a couple of these issues, you should do something about your financial situation. Bankruptcy is your option when you can no longer afford to pay your debts and you feel overwhelmed.

Proper assessment of your financial situation is necessary to know whether you should declare bankruptcy.  To know where you are now financially, see what liquid assets you have. Include everything from stocks and bonds to vehicles. A rough estimate for these items will do.

You should consider declaring bankruptcy if you find that the amount of your debt is more than the value of your assets, In other words, you are not financially stable enough to repay your debts. But keep in mind that bankruptcy laws are not very easy to understand. so make sure that you do not approach bankruptcy casually.

There are two ways to go bankrupt. You can be declared bankrupt voluntarily or involuntarily. Bankruptcy can be filed in a number of ways and all of them have there pros and cons. Consulting a lawyer is a good idea because an experienced lawyer can help you figure out the best option for you.

Although you may find it scary to declare bankruptcy, sometimes it can be necessary for you. Governments all over the world have bankruptcy laws to protect the rights of both parties. It is a good idea to face financial facts if you have an overwhelming debt-load. After declaring bankruptcy, you will no longer be bombarded with phone calls and letters demanding money.

If you do not apply for bankruptcy in spite of your nerve-breaking debts, you will have to face some unpleasant situations. Sometimes you need a fresh start, and bankruptcy allows you to do just that. Declaring bankruptcy can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Declaring bankruptcy has some short-term and long-term positive effects. Yes, bankruptcy can badly affect your credit score, but the real reasons for applying for bankruptcy are more important than your credit score.

A bankruptcy discharge can help you greatly if there are late payments and high credit balances in your credit reports. You can wipe the debts by declaring a bankruptcy. Thus, you get rid of delinquent account reports.

After declaring bankruptcy, you may also notice an improvement in your debt-to-credit ratio. As a result, your potential FICO score will be higher.

Declaring bankruptcy also has some long-term positive effects and you can make a good use of this chance to get your finances right. You will be able to make credit payments on time because now you will have more disposable income.

How to Look After Your Pets Health

Like all living things, pets need proper care and attention to keep them healthy and strong and to increase their life expectancy. As a pet owner, you have an important role to provide proper care for your pet. Three important ways to do this are proper nutrition, preventative care, and curative care. It will take time, money, and effort, but it is worth it. You might need to pay for special diets at times and have a robust pet insurance policy, but it can all make a significant impact on the health of your pet. We will now look at how these three aspects of care apply to dogs, cats, and horses.

Dog Care

A dog is said to be man’s best friend, and rightly so. It is a truly loyal pet and a joy to own. To keep this dedicated additional family member happy, you must understand what constitutes a healthy canine diet. You may not need to break the bank looking for the ideal dog food as a long as you know the basics. It is recommended that you include some form of meat, bone, and raw food in your dog’s diet to give all the key nutrients it requires.

In terms of other preventative measures, your dog may need a number of vaccines to prevent common illnesses. Exercise and good grooming are also important as are medical checkups every so often. For curative care, it’s important to visit a vet as soon as you notice anything wrong with your dog. You should have a reasonable dog insurance plan that can cover treatment for accidents and illness at the very least.

Cat Care

Cats also need the right type of food to keep them healthy. As obligate carnivores, these felines must get enough protein from a healthy amount of meat to prevent conditions such as blindness. They also need whole foods and grains as well. Cats often do not get enough water so it is important to watch out for this. When feeding your cat with tinned foods or frozen foods, it is always good to make sure that the food is of a high quality.

Other preventive measures to ensure cat health include vaccinations and frequent grooming. Although cats often go off and do their own independent activities, it is important to watch their behaviour closely as it can drastically change when they are suffering from something.  Kittens also need good cat insurance so that you can get them the medical attention they may need in the event of an accident or illness, click here to view available plans for your cat.

Horse Care

Picking the right food for horses can be more of a challenge. The diet has a high impact on the horse’s hooves which determine mobility and speed and can be a good indicator of the overall health of the animal. A balanced diet for a horse includes sufficient minerals, antioxidant, oils, proteins, and vitamins. It is often necessary to supplement the horse’s intake of fats with linseeds. Dehydration must be guarded against by ensuring lots of water and electrolyte intake.

Horses also need good grooming, regular vaccinations, and routine checkups to keep them in good shape. A horse insurance policy is also an important way to offset high medical costs and allow you to give your animal the attention it requires when wounded or ill.

Fighting For Your Intellectual Property

The backbone of thousands of businesses and business owners today is their intellectual property. What this means is that they hire hordes of lawyers to help in the organisation’s affairs. The part played by an intellectual property lawyer (or IP lawyers) has diversified in various ways thanks to the advances in information technology, and with computers, smartphones and the internet revolutionising the business and corporate world. This implies that there is an intensified consciousness of what intellectual properties are and how they impact various organisations.

Intellectual property could emanate from a trademark for a sign, symbol, brand or words. It could be gotten in a patent for a unique inventions or a new method for an invention that was made earlier. For tangible depictions of ideas such as books, scripts, poetry and related items, a copyright is issued. For things like secret recipes, new processes and ways of making products and various items, trade secrets are used to guard and maintain competitive advantage. By using these strategies and processes, the possibility of building a business empire and flourishing worldwide depends on certain factors.  What this means is that from the onset, an intellectual property lawyer is one of the first people the company should hire.

There are various other lawyers that could also prove valuable to any company in Melbourne such as a trademark lawyers or a patent attorney who would go a long way in managing the company’s brand and handle issues regarding trademarks and locking down on important company ideas and inventions. Creative right lawyers, and music and entertainment lawyers are also important for those in the creative arts industry.

Violation of intellectual property can occur at any point in time, selling of stealing of a trade secret can be done by anyone with malicious intent. They could illegally replicate a copyrighted work, sell or reproduce an item with specific patterns or by using your business trademark, they could create their own business entirely. When these kind of problems arise, the first port of call should be an intellectual property lawyer who would take swift action against the culprit.

This could be done by going to court and seeking compensation for the items that have been sold. In instances when a letter does not address the issue, you can also get redress for the situation by getting a cease and desist order enforced by the court. Not only is a lawyer handy for situations like these, you also need a lawyer to prevent you from violating other peoples intellectual property and laws.

An intellectual property lawyer is a must for companies where intellectual property is the pillar, or in situations where violations could occur through standard use within the organization. Not having an intellectual lawyer for companies like this could spell disaster in the long run. If the company owns the intellectual property, the lawyer is needed to help in getting in touch with the appropriate professionals that will train the personnel on how to guard the intellectual property and ensure that there are little or no infringements between customers, clients and all parties involved.

An intellectual property lawyer may work alone or as a team, their primary responsibility is to ensure the company’s interests are safe by protecting and helping in litigation or lawsuits with violators of their intellectual property.

Top 10 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten

Even if your child has been in a day care or child care centre, kindergarten is still a big deal. Read on the top tips to foster the best kind of “kinder-readiness”.  


Practice writing their name. 
While everyone knows that your child won’t fail kindergarten even if he can’t string those few letters together, but still, it won’t hurt if he try. Just think of the extra confidence boost your child will get if he can. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but always strive for legibility. Your child will have plenty of time to master his work as soon as his school starts.

Encourage your child to be curious. 
Have you ever heard of the word “executive functioning”? It is just a fancy way used to describe a skills set which include multi-tasking, decision making, and persistence. And one way to foster a child’s executive functioning is through creative play. Let your child get curious about things. Get out some of those blocks and legos and let them practice building cities or let them play a role play scenario like doctors or restaurants. This will let your child gain confidence in their decision-making process which they will need once their kindergarten starts.

Begin teaching them about letters. 
The first step of reading readiness is by recognising letters. Kids usually learn how to recognise letters in their early child care or day care. Flashcards are a good example to teach them how to recognise alphabets. As your child calls out each letter, ask them about the sound that letter makes. After your child finishes recognising all the letters, help them arrange each letter alphabetical order.  

Expose them to math concepts. 
We are not talking about advanced calculus being taught to children. A general number sense before your child goes to a childcare centre will do and one of the easiest ways to do this is by incorporating mathematics in their everyday activities - such as counting steps as they walk, sorting coins and counting them together or other activities which will give your child a head start when they begin child care at bestchance.

Help them master some few sight words.
These are words that are used often yet can be difficult to sound out such as my, have, she, said, been or was. This is the reason why most kindergarten curriculums teach them to kids by recognising them on sight.

Memorise their miscellaneous information.
Help your child remember not just their first name but also their last name, address as well as their phone number.

Help your child practice sitting still. 
There is a general rule of thumb where the minutes your child should be able to sit still should be equal to your child’s age in double. For instance, if your child is 2 years old, he is expected not to wiggle around for at least 4 minutes.

Practice storytelling. 
Create stories together. Cut pictures from catalogs or magazines and come up with a creative and logical storyline together.

Let your child fail. 
Any parent might find it hard to allow their child feel pain. However, your child should learn how to cope with trials and hardships on their own. So let them fail. Let them run to you with their wounded knee, let them learn to bring a backup pair of their goggles to the swim and open them to learning which they will experience at most family day care centres, click here for more information about family day care and how to enrol your child.

Lastly, encourage your child the love of learning. Help them cultivate their confidence and independence even while they are at home.

Understanding Overseas Travel Insurance

Travelling internationally is quite exciting, visiting exotic places, landmarks, safaris etc. Wherever your destination is worldwide, it isn’t complete without overseas travel insurance.  There are important types of insurance and features you should get if you’re considering overseas travel, they are;

  • Travel health insurance.
  • Trip cancellation insurance.
  • Medical evacuation insurance
  • Personal item loss and delay insurance.
  • 24/7 assistance.

These insurance extensively covers majority of emergencies that you might encounter during your sojourn abroad, giving you the much needed peace of mind that’ll make you enjoy your trip.

Travel Health Insurance

If you have existing health problems or you intend to engage in dangerous or adventurous activities like mountain climbing, bungee jumping, hang gliding or scuba diving, travel health insurance is a must. A visit to the clinic in your host country may incur out of pocket expenses which could prove very costly, this is because a country may have nationalized health care but it might not cover non-citizens. Those who have health problems prior to their travel should also consider having travel health insurance in case of a medical emergency.

Trip cancellation insurance

This kind of insurance covers cancellation of your trip, transportation tickets including train, flight or cruises. It is important to carefully go through the policy to ensure it covers the basics and important things to you. With trip cancellation insurance, you’re covered if you wish to make a last minute cancellation due to changes in your schedule or a case of a disease outbreak in your country of destination like the Ebola outbreak. Before purchasing this policy, make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Medical Evacuation insurance is best purchased when travelling to remote destinations, third world countries or developing nations. It is sometimes bought with your travel health insurance policy or could be bought separately. This insurance policy covers emergency transportation from an area without the adequate medical equipment, personnel and expertise to a standard hospital that can adequately take care of the emergency.

Baggage/personal item loss and delay

This insurance covers reimbursement for all sort of delayed, lost or stolen properties while embarking or during the trip. Where you have an emergency like a delayed flight, some insurance policies pay for the essentials you’ll need to get you going.

24/7 Worldwide Assistance

The broker must be available at all times to help with various emergencies you may encounter before, during and after your trip.

Generally, be careful of travel agents whose aim is to sell the policy that’ll earn them a high commission rather that choosing what would suit you best. Always try to purchase overseas travel insurance from brokers that offer coverage from a variety of carriers. Before buying the policy, do your research by speaking to a sales rep, request for a copy of the policy and go through it thoroughly, ensure it offers all the protection you need.

When in doubt about a particular emergency, ask a rep to show you in plain language that the policy covers it. It is awful when an emergency spoils a trip, finding out that your loss isn’t covered is akin to adding insult to injury.