Melbourne’s Most Unique Venues

As one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, Melbourne offers a unique international feel often lacking in other Australian cities, with vibrant ethnic enclaves offering delicious foods from all corners of the earth (and a particularly excellent Chinatown in the heart of the city).


But you don’t visit Melbourne just for great food, friendly people, and a warm, relaxing culture. In fact, this most welcoming of cities and unique venues Melbourne which offers lots of great attractions and activities for visitors. Here are just a few of them.


It’s no surprise that Melbourne boasts an impressive sporting arena. After all, Australia is one of the most fervently sport loving countries on earth. Even so, you’ll be surprised at the scale of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia’s largest and oldest sporting venue.


The MCG has been at the very center of Australian sport for many years, playing host to the first ever test match, the 1956 Olympic Games, and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, just to name a few high points. Today visitors can catch a game of cricket, rugby or even Australian rules football in this enormous 100,000 capacity stadium.


St Kilda

Just a couple of miles and a world away from the bustling center of Melbourne stands St. Kilda, the charming coastal suburb that feels like a village far from the city. Located at the southeast corner of Albert Park, St Kilda is famous for its delightful cake shops, vibrant nightlife, and offbeat bohemian charm. In the summer the beach makes for a great place to relax, and at the end of the breakwater protecting the harbor, you can even catch a glimpse of the colony of penguins that calls the suburb home!


The Great Ocean Road

If you can spare a few days during your trip, you should take the opportunity to head out to the Great Ocean Road, the 270km highway that reaches west from Melbourne along the Victoria coast.


The road was constructed shortly after the First World War as a memorial to the Australians lost in the conflict. 3,000 ex-servicemen took 14 years to construct the long, winding road, and today it offers visitors some of the most stunning and dramatic scenery in all of Australia.


From the vibrant, bustling heart of the city to its friendly, highly individual suburbs to the stunning scenery of the Victoria coast, Otway National Park and the mountains to the north, Melbourne has so much to offer it has to be seen to be believed. Visitors just can’t help but fall in love with this Australian gem.

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